When uptime is critical.

Oilgear variable-displacement, axial-piston pumps thrive on low viscosity fluids.  Unlike the competition, our pumps are not limited by bearing life. 

Featuring proprietary hard-on-hard technology in which the running surfaces exceed Rockwell 65, Oilgear pumps are some of the most rugged, longest lasting variable-displacement pumps on the market.


Oilgear_Variable_Axial_Piston_Pump_ExplodedA variable-displacement axial-piston pump enables high pressure, high horsepower precision control in a compact package.

In an axial-piston pump, the pistons and cylinder rotate around the center, longitudinal axis. The pistons and shoes move in and out of the cylinder because they are sliding upon a stationary, variable angle, swashblock.

As the pistons rotate, they alternate between being connected to an inlet port and an outlet port.  As the pistons pass over the inlet port, they suck fluid into the piston chamber.  As they move over the outlet port, they expel fluid from the piston chamber.

The rate at which the pistons are rotating is controlled by the mechanical rotational input on the pump shaft.  The amount of fluid that is drawn into the piston chamber during a rotation is controlled by the angle of the swashblock.

All Oilgear pumps are designed to thrive on low-viscosity fluids, such as high water content and fire resistant fluids, like Skydrol™, Stack Magic™, Erifon™, and 98/2.  Learn more here:  Fluid Compatibility of Oilgear Pumps.




The most distinguishing component of our pumps is the patented “hard-on-hard” technology for our rotating group. With our proprietary design, your pump will have a greater resistance to contaminants, higher operation pressures, and the ability to work with low viscosity fluids. This unsurpassed durability can only be found in genuine Oilgear pumps.

Hydro-Dynamic BearingHydro-Dynamic Bearing Axial Piston

Most of the competition’s axial-piston pumps rely on load-carrying, mechanical bearings to support the shaft and rotating group.  Oilgear pumps, however, utilize a proprietary hydro-dynamic bearing.  The cylinder barrel rides on a thin film of oil.

While other manufacturers are limited by their bearing life (i.e. B10), our hydro-dynamic bearing has no moving parts to wear out, allowing for an infinite bearing life.

Additionally, because there is no concern about contaminating a mechanical bearing, Oilgear pumps are able to run on a wide variety of tough fluids.

Sealed Front Shaft

In an Oilgear pump, the load is supported by the hydrodynamic bearing, not the shaft bearing.  This allows for a sealed front shaft bearing.  Some advantages of this design approach include:

  • Easy maintenance of shaft, bearing, and shaft seal
  • Quick conversions (i.e. keyed to splined)
  • Operation with special fluids
  • Capable of being belt driven



The ability of our pumps to thrive on environmentally friendly, high-water content fluids has caused the Oilgear name to become linked to a number of fluid brands, such as Skydrol®, Houghto-Safe®, Erifon®, Stack Magic®, Pelagic®, and Oceanic®.

Some example applications include:


Oilgear Industrial Logo

  • Testing of aerospace components
  • Forging and extrusion press control
  • Water-jet cutting process control


Oilgear Energy Logo

  • Subsea ROV API 53 fluid delivery
  • Offshore DNV and ABS certified hydraulic power units (HPUs)
  • Subsea BOP ram actuation and control


Oilgear Mobile Logo

  • Hydro-static transmission
  • On-board, primary hydraulic power source
  • Precision control of loader or arm



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