The subsea boosting and regulating system.

Significantly increase your subsea storable energy to assure compliance with API 53 and BSEE.



Deep water, combined with ever-increasing actuation requirements, presents an inherent problem for subsea control systems.  Storing energy in classic, pneumatic accumulators becomes less and less effective the deeper the water.

To meet API and BSEE standards using a typical subsea system:

Deeper water = More accumulators



In most subsea hydraulic systems, the accumulators are rated to higher pressures than the rest of the control system.  This means that there is usable energy storage capacity in the accumulators that is presently not being taken advantage of.  Accessing this extra storage capacity can be extremely beneficial in many subsea applications.

The Subsea BARS™ allows you to access the extra energy storage capacity in the subsea accumulators, without the need to increase the pressure ratings of the existing subsea piping and subsea hydraulic control system.

It’s a fully redundant pressure intensifier and pressure regulator, all-in-one:BARS Oilgear Back API 53 BSEE Accumulators

  • The BARS™ is placed between the subsea accumulators and the rest of the control system
  • It boosts the pressure of the fluid that is incoming from the surface
  • It regulates (steps down) the pressure of the fluid that is outgoing from the accumulators
  • 100% hydraulic design



  • Automatically kicks-in only when needed
  • Intensifier and regulator developed by Oilgear’s Olmsted group
  • No realtime-control required
  • Fully redundant intensifiers and regulators
  • ROV-controlled enable or bypass



The document below pertains to a subsea drilling blowout preventer (BOP) control application.  The BARS™ can be customized for nearly any application (oil and gas production, military, etc.), and nearly any pressure and flow requirements.