The pump for ultra low-lubricity applications.

The Oilgear PVWW line of pumps provides an excellent option for achieving variable-displacement pumping with fluids with a high water concentration. The PVWW is available with a variety of control modules.

Oilgear makes some of the longest-lasting, most reliable pumps in the world.  Learn more about the proprietary design of the Oilgear variable-displacement, axial-piston pump line.

PVWW open-loop, variable-displacement, axial-piston hydraulic pumps by Oilgear are uniquely designed for low-lubricity, low-viscosity applications, such as pumping water-based, environmentally-friendly fluids, such as Skydrol®, Houghto-Safe®, Erifon®, Stack Magic®, Pelagic®, and Oceanic®.

Available in three frame sizes and seven displacements, PVWW pumps allow for greater flexibility to selectively match pressure and capacity. And, with a variety of optional controls, the PVWW family of pumps provide easy field interchangeability.



LengthWidthHeightWeightFace Mounting
B8.50215,95.80147,36.11155,26830,9SAE “B” 2 Bolt



Theoretical Maximum Displacementin^3/rev2.06
Rated Continuous Pressurepsi3000
Peak Pressurepsi3500
Flow Rate at 1800 RPM, rated continuous pressure & 14.7 psi (1.01 bar abs) inlet conditionsgpm12.7
Maximum Speed rpm1800
Power Input at rated continuous pressure & 1800 rpmhp30.4



Curves based on an oil temperature of 125º F (160 SSU) and 14.7 psia (1 bar absolute). Efficiency curves are based on pump running at 1800 rpm.

Oilgear PVWW-034 Performance Curve

  • Sealed front bearing to allow for special fluids and to permit side loading
  • Patented pressure lubricated swashblock design
  • Special polyamorous saddle bearing for long life on special fluids
  • Cylinder-mounted polyamorous journal bearings for special fluids and infinite bearing life
  • Hardened cylinder surface running on hardened valve plate for contamination resistance and special fluids
  • Quiet valve plate design
  • Steel shoes with specially treated faces for contamination resistance and special fluids

  • Multiple control types
    • Single pressure compensated
    • Dual pressure compensated
    • Low pressure compensated
    • Electronic proportional
    • Soft start
    • High-low pressure compensated
    • Horsepower limited
    • Load sensing
  • Manual or automatic control
  • Available in rear, side, or top/bottom ported
  • Left-hand or right-hand rotation
  • SAE keyed or SAE splined shaft
  • Thru-shaft availability
  • Fixed and variable designs
  • Viton or EPR seals
  • Stroke limited

PVWW 014 022 034 046 076 098 130 Pump  Sales Bulletin 47013-A Ordering Information Features Benefits Specifications and Pump Control Options Using Fluids Containing Water 4/2015
847013A  PUMPS  PVWW | PDF | 535 kB
PVWW Pump Application Guidelines  Technical Bulletin 847013A for Application Guidelines 5/2013

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Modeled with basic pressure compensation control module.

PVWW_034_046 | IGS | 5 MB
PVWW_034_046 | STP | 3 MB