A versatile pump with a modular design.

The Oilgear PVM line of variable-displacement, axial-piston pumps is designed to adapt to your most demanding applications. The PVM's modular features give integrators and OEMs the flexibility needed to meet real world challenges.

Oilgear makes some of the longest-lasting, most reliable pumps in the world.  Learn more about the proprietary design of the Oilgear variable-displacement, axial-piston pump line.

Virtually indestructible, the modular PVM open-loop, axial-piston hydraulic pumps offer advanced engineering at an affordable price.  Computer-optimized and with multiple controls available, PVM pumps deliver high performance in a compact design.

Available in three frame sizes and twelve displacements, durable PVM pumps feature Oilgear’s advanced “hard-on-hard” rotating system that provides a higher degree of contamination resistance, allows for higher pressure operation, and increases the pump’s lifecycle.

All Oilgear pumps are designed to thrive on low-viscosity fluids, such as high water content and fire resistant fluids, like Skydrol™, Stack Magic™, Erifon™, and 98/2.  Learn more here:  Fluid Compatibility of Oilgear Pumps.



LengthWidthHeightWeightFace Mounting
B9.51241,59.00228,68.88225,673.033,1SAE “B” 2/4 Bolt



Theoretical Maximum Displacementin^3/rev1.55
Rated Continuous Pressurepsi3750
Peak Pressurepsi4250
Flow Rate at 1800 RPM, rated continuous pressure & 14.7 psi (1.01 bar abs) inlet conditionsgpm10.1
Minimum Inlet Pressure psia (bar abs)1200 rpm5.0 (,34)
1500 rpm5.0 (,34)
1800 rpm6.5 (,45)
Maximum Speed rpm2700
Power Input at rated continuous pressure & 1800 rpmhp28.8



Curves based on an oil temperature of 125º F (160 SSU) and 14.7 psia (1 bar absolute). Efficiency curves are based on pump running at 1800 rpm.

Oilgear PVM-025 Performance Curve


  • Meter-out pressure compensated, load sensing control
  • SAE splined or keyed shaft
  • Isolated front shaft bearing
  • Patented pressure-lubricated swashblock
  • Hardened steel shoes running on hardened swashblock surface
  • Swashblock with one-piece polymerous bearing
  • Cylinder mounted polymerous journal bearings
  • Hardened cylinder surface
  • Quiet port plate design

Below is a partial list of configuration options.  Please see product documentation for more detail and additional options.

  • Thru-shaft for driving multiple pumps off of one motor
  • 4 different shaft configurations for different torque ratings and tooth counts
  • SAE “B” 2 or 4 bolt mounting
  • Viton, buna nitrile, or EPR seals
  • Volume reduction stops
  • Left or right hand rotation
  • Side ported or rear ported
  • Control options include:
    • Pressure compensating
      • Single setting
      • Proportional EH
      • Soft start


PVM 011 014 022 025 034 046 064 065 075 076 098 and 130 Pump  Instructional Bulletin 947070B for PVM Pump Service and Parts List 11/2004
PVM Pump Sales  Sales Bulletin 47070C for Ordering Information Features Benefits Specifications 12/2006
PVM025 034 046 B Frame Pump CAD File Sheet 3  Installation Drawing Data Sheet 47971_3.dwg Cad File Sheet 3 for PVM B Frame Pump Side Ported (SAE) 12/2003
PVM 025 034 046 B Frame Pump CAD File Sheet 2  Installation Drawing Data Sheet 47971_2.dwg Cad File Sheet 2 for PVM B Frame Pump Rear Ported (Flanged) 12/2003
PVM 025 034 046 B Frame Pump CAD File Sheet 6  Installation Drawing Data Sheet 47971_5.dwg Cad File Sheet 5 for PVM B Frame Pump Thru Shaft Ported (Flanged) 12/2003
PVM 025 034 046 B Frame Pump CAD File Sheet 7  Installation Drawing Data Sheet 47971_7.dwg Cad File Sheet 7 for PVM B Frame Pump Shaft and Control Options 12/2003
47971  PUMPS  PVM | PDF | 1 MB
PVM 025 034 046 B Frame Pump  Installation Data Sheet 47971 for PVM B Frame Pump Rear Side Thru-Shaft Ported (SAE) and Rear Side Thru-Shaft Ported (Flanged) with Shaft and Control Options 12/2003
PVM 025 034 046 B Frame Pump CAD File Sheet 1  Installation Drawing Data Sheet 47971_1.dwg Cad File Sheet 1 for PVM B Frame Pump Rear Ported (SAE) 12/2003

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Modeled with basic pressure compensation control module.

PVM_025_thru_075 | IGS | 4 MB
PVM_025_thru_075 | STP | 2 MB