The traditional line of Olmsted Prefill and Exhaust valves.

Fills and exhausts the main cylinders on large hydraulic presses. Pilot-operated to open and close. 3-16" inlets with flows of 10,000+ GPM. Pressures to Pilot Ports: 3,000 PSI. Pressures to Cylinder Port: 5,000 PSI. Pressures to Reservoir Port: 25 PSI.

  • Pressure biased to the closed position
  • Extremely fast shifting speeds
  • Gauge ports for pressure diagnostics
  • Cushioned opening and closing
  • Valve can be rotated on its bolt circle for various mounting orientations
  • Metal to metal and elastomer seals for efficient sealing.

  • Pilot valve adapter block
  • High and low pressure flanges
  • Bolt kits
  • Metric threads
  • Shroudless models for mounting within the reservoir
  • Right and left hand models
  • Built-in decompression
  • Proximity switch to indicate valve position (open or closed)

Olmsted 2-way Prefill Valves  Prefill valves provide a method by which the need for very large pumps may be avoided. In a typical prefill system the large main cylinder is filled and exhausted through the prefill valve.

Please see the included documentation, or contact an Oilgear representative or authorized re-seller.