Oilgear Leeds is centre of excellence for Aftermarket Services

As a leading global supplier of electro-hydraulic packages, Oilgear is committed to maximising service life and performance for all of its customers. While many manufacturers outsource service and maintenance programmes to smaller, local businesses, Oilgear has taken advantage of its expertise to develop an in-house Aftermarket Service which is able to prolong service life and improve the efficiency of any hydraulic system.



Oilgear Leeds is a centre of excellence for Aftermarket Services, it is able to call upon years of engineering experience to support its customers.

Oilgear is already extremely well known in the UK for its high quality components and its engineering capabilities when designing and supplying turnkey electro-hydraulic packages. With manufacturing and assembly facilities in Leeds, as well as access to Oilgear’s global engineering base, it has supplied complete solutions to some of the world’s biggest companies, in markets as diverse as industry, energy, mobile, marine, aerospace and defence.

Its Aftermarket Services have been developed to support the company’s pedigree and help its end-users maximise the performance from its components and systems. It is able to offer a pro-active maintenance schedule that includes remote condition monitoring, regular site visits and inspections, routine servicing, emergency repair and retrofitting new technology to existing systems to improve performance.

Kieran Doyle, Oilgear UK Managing Director, explains: “Because we’re approaching the market from the position of a manufacturer, I believe that we’re able to offer a more complete service than many other MRO operatives. Whether your system was originally built by Oilgear or another manufacturer, we have the engineering expertise behind us to really understand the technology and offer the best advice for keeping your system operating to its maximum potential.”

As a part of the Aftermarket Services Agreement Oilgear will take responsibility for installed equipment, offer repair or replacement whenever necessary and even manage the spare stockholding off-site.

In fact, in some cases, Oilgear can use its experience as a manufacturer to provide maintenance services outside of the usual shutdown period. For example, it is able to offer substitute pumps or valves from stock to keep a system operating while the client’s equipment is taken to the workshop. This offers multiple benefits to the operator as the work is performed outside of peak season, reducing engineering costs as well as the burden of work during the traditional shutdown.

Kieran adds: “Our facility in Leeds has manufacturing, assembly, inspection and testing capabilities for components and systems of all sizes for any applications. Our engineers are some of the best in the world for hydraulic technology and our experience extends beyond the mechanics into software development and electrical installation. Our entire knowledge base is available to our aftermarket customers and we’re dedicated to making sure they continue to operate reliably and efficiently.