Specifying a replacement hydraulic pump: Beyond certifications

Pumps for hydraulic applications are typically highly specialised towards certain applications and environments, a reality which must be noted by the MRO professional. While a pump may achieve certain certifications such as those outlined by DNV GL, Lloyds and API which can guarantee a certain level of competency, how does this actually translate to specifying […]

Reliable technology improves efficiency for offshore industries

Very few industries are as demanding or as hazardous as the offshore sector and the closely connected subsea industry. Creating engineering solutions for these industries requires an almost forensic attention to detail and a build quality that exceeds most aerospace applications. It is in this arena that Oilgear has excelled, and following a major recent […]

A pump for all occasions…

Throughout the industrial workplace, hydraulic pumps provide a great deal of motive power, efficiently translating the rotary motion of a prime mover into hydraulic oil flow that can be easily routed and used for a vast range of tasks. One of the most common hydraulic pumps is the axial piston pump, which is used in […]

Oilgear Leeds is centre of excellence for Aftermarket Services

As a leading global supplier of electro-hydraulic packages, Oilgear is committed to maximising service life and performance for all of its customers. While many manufacturers outsource service and maintenance programmes to smaller, local businesses, Oilgear has taken advantage of its expertise to develop an in-house Aftermarket Service which is able to prolong service life and improve […]