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Oilgear variable-displacement, axial-piston pumps thrive on low viscosity fluids.  Unlike the competition, our pumps are not limited by bearing life.

Featuring proprietary hard-on-hard technology in which the running surfaces exceed Rockwell 65, Oilgear pumps are some of the most rugged, longest lasting variable-displacement pumps on the market.

This brochure also features Oilgear’s line of Towler high-pressure, fixed-displacement pumps.

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For nearly a century, Oilgear has been known for the world-class reliability of its hydraulic control products.  In conjunction with its Olmsted Products division, Oilgear offers a new line subsea pumping and control products.

Devoting Research and Development dollars to a new line of subsea control products was an easy decision for Oilgear.  Given Oilgear’s reputation for reliability, and the stronghold that Oilgear’s Olmsted Products division enjoys in offshore valving, taking Oilgear subsea was a natural progression.

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Oilgear D Type variable-displacement pumps are of the radial rolling piston and pintle type for pressures up to 3500 PSI. The robustness and longevity of these hydraulic pumps is legendary.

The D Pump line consists of the following sub-product lines:  D, DN, DV, DM, and DS.  Over the last century, these units have been laboratory and field operated under heavy duty industrial conditions and have proven themselves on diversified high-pressure applications.

Oilgear, and Oilgear’s Authorized Partners, offer complete life-cycle management for the D Pump line, using only genuine Oilgear parts.

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The Petrodyne product line consists of high-pressure, reciprocating plunger pumps, designed for pumping harsh media such as catalysts and chemicals. Petrodyne pumps are also used for grease injection, water pumping, and hydro-static testing.

The Petrodyne product line ranges up to 200,000 PSI in maximum operating pressure.  Petrodyne is a legacy Oilgear product line, however, many aspects are still supplied and supported by Oilgear.  For detailed information, please see the included documentation, or contact an Oilgear representative or authorized re-seller.

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Oilgear is a highly capable designer and manufacturer of quality hydraulic cylinders and integrated cylinder systems. Through our Clover cylinder product line, we apply the highest technology, and we pride ourselves on being responsive to customer needs.  Oilgear is very comfortable working to difficult specifications from the military, ISO, ASME, API, DNV, and ABS.

Oilgear, and Oilgear’s Authorized Partners, offer complete lifecycle management for the Clover Cylinder product line. Oilgear recommends that Clover Cylinders only be repaired by Oilgear’s Authorized Partners, using genuine Oilgear components.

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The EPC3 is the third generation of Oilgear’s line of EPC (Electronic Pump Control) products. The EPC3 module is a fully programmable micro-controller and amplifier for servo operated hydraulic pumps and valves. Programming and tuning is made easy via a standard USB input – no proprietary cable is required.

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