Extreme pumping. 

The patented Transfer Barrier™ Pumping System allows for precision control when pumping high-pressure water, chemicals, or slurries.  Our unique design has been applied to fracking, LNG, water-jet cutting, and press control, to name a few applications.

BASICSHigh Pressure Water Pumping System

The Oilgear Transfer Barrier™ Pumping System uses the flow of oil from a hydraulic power unit (HPU) to, in turn, precisely control the motion of large pumping plungers.  These plungers can then be used in the pumping of chemicals, slurries, or high-pressure water. Based on the area ratios (piston vs. rod) of the plungers, the Transfer Barrier™ either intensifies or reduces the output pressure.



The are four main reasons to select an Oilgear Transfer Barrier™ Pump for your tough, high-pressure application:

Extremely Long Life – 10X!

Our plungers are driven hydraulically not mechanically.  This allows for huge on-axis force.

Large force
= Large plungers
= Fewer cycles
= Longer seal and valve life

Precision Pumping Control

The Transfer Barrier™ Pump is variable displacement with almost zero output ripple.  Oilgear uses proprietary control algorithms to achieve precision pumping control.

Flexible Packaging

Because the Transfer Barrier™ Pump is driven hydraulically not mechanically, the packaging can be easily adjusted to fit you footprint.  For example, the HPU and electrics can be remotely located.


Transfer Barrier™ Pump can be configured to continue functioning, even if repairs are need on part of the system.  For instance, a triplex Transfer Barrier™ Pump can easily change over to a duplex pump on the fly simply by isolating the problematic components and changing the control algorithm.



APPLICATIONSLNG Cryogenic Pumping Cold End

  • LNG Marine Fuel Delivery
  • LNG Transport
  • Hydraulic Fracturing
  • Well Pressure Testing
  • Managed Pressure Drilling
  • Water-Jet Cutting
  • Water-Based Forging and Extrusion Presses
  • Chemical Injection
  • Crude Oil and Sour Gas Booster Pump