The heave compensation experts.

The Olmsted product line is renowned worldwide in offshore motion compensation, specializing in controlling compensator and tensioner systems.  Our drillstring compensator valves and riser anti-recoil control systems are on nearly every drillship around the globe.

SINCE THE BEGINNINGPinned to Bottom Heave Flare

Oilgear has a storied history in the offshore heave compensation market by way of its Olmsted products line.  These complex, proprietary electro-hydraulic product not only provide control of the rig’s passive heave compensation systems, but also provide critical safety protection for personnel and equipment.

•1963 – Olmsted Products Co. founded in Ann Arbor, Michigan
•1973 – Olmsted moves to Traverse City, Michigan
•1973 – First drillstring compensator valves supplied
•1974 – First riser tensioner valves supplied
•1985 – Brown & Sharpe sells Olmsted to Vickers
•1988 – Olmsted reincorporates as a stand alone company
•2000 – Olmsted delivers new line of die-casting valves
•2001 – Olmsted delivers new line of drillstring compensator valves
•2002 – Olmsted delivers new line of riser anti-recoil valves
•2005 – Olmsted builds 10,000 gpm flow test stand
•2007 – First integrated riser anti-recoil control system supplied
•2008 – Olmsted is acquired by Oilgear
•2009 – Olmsted builds 20,000 gpm flow test stand
•2009 – Olmsted moves into new facility
•2011 – Olmsted builds new salt water test stand
•2013 – Olmsted develops first pressure-compensated air flow shutoff valve
•2014 – Olmsted develops first all-hydraulic riser anti-recoil valve


THE OLMSTED PRODUCT LINEOilgear Olmsted Heave Compensation

Riser Tensioner Control

Oilgear is the world leader in riser tensioner anti-recoil control systems.  The highly specialized Olmsted valve is paired with an electrical control system.  The critical loss-of-load safety functions exist independent of the electrical control system, allowing the Olmsted valve to act as a velocity fuse, flow shutoff module even if the control signal is lost.  The riser anti-recoil functionality occurs when the Olmsted valve reacts proportionally to a control signal issued from the electrical control system during an EDS (Emergency Disconnect Sequence).

Drillstring and Landing String Protection

Whether drilling, landing a BOP, or pinned-to-bottom, the Olmsted drillstring compensator valve provides control and protection for the passive compensation system.  While tripping pipe in and out, the valve is used to activate and deactivate the compensation system.  When a loss-of-load event occurs, such as a broken drillpipe, the Olmsted valve has a proprietary means of reacting almost instantaneously.  When pinned-to-bottom (i.e. locked-to-bottom) during a well test, the valve can be locked in the open position, assuring the integrity of the wellhead.

High-Speed Relief and Dump Valves

The Olmsted product line contains some of the fastest-acting, large relief valves in the world.  These proprietary relief valves can also be applied as dump valves or as kick-down reliefs.  In a recent test, the Olmsted relief valve proved to be six times faster than a competitor’s product, with almost twice the flow capacity.

Gas Flow Shutoff Valve

Oilgear has been producing velocity fuse, flow shutoff valves for over forty years.  The Olmsted gas flow shutoff valves are designed to protect against a ruptured or broken hose on offshore motion compensation systems.  Oilgear is the only company in the world to offer the superior protection of a pressure compensated gas flow shutoff valve (PCGFSV).  The PCGFSV provides the highest level of safety and protection during a broken hose event.


ONE-OF-KIND SIMULATION AND TESTINGOilgear Olmsted Testing Simulation

FEA and CFD Analysis

Oilgear engineers are experts in finite element analysis (FEA) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD).  We run both the Autodesk and Ansys platforms so that we can adapt to our customers’ needs.

Dynamic Simulation using SimulationX

Oilgear has been writing its own proprietary simulation code for over three decades.  In 2012, Oilgear adopted the oil & gas industry gold-standard software, SimulationX.  SimulationX is an incredibly powerful tool for understanding complex system dynamics, including mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic elements.  Oilgear is one of the few companies in the world that can provide riser recoil analysis that is backed-up by in-field test results.

One-of-a-Kind Testing Capability

The Oilgear research and development facility has the ability to flow up to 20,000 GPM and collect data at a rate of 1/10,000 of a second.  This testing capability is critical for not only achieving DNV and ABS certification of our control products, but also to verify our theoretical models.  Oilgear additionally has fatigue cycle test capability as well as ultra-high pressure testing capability.

Field Service and Verification

Oilgear has a team of certified field service technicians that are available within 48 hours to any location in the world.  Our skilled personnel can assist with commissioning, maintenance, and in-field verification testing.