Always ready to help.

Oilgear has highly-skilled technicians located all over the world to help you at a moment’s notice with your installation, commissioning, or troubleshooting.  Our team has the talent and certifications to assist in tackling your most difficult challenges.

Oilgear Offshore Rig Pass Install and CommissioningCERTIFIED TEAM OF HYDRAULIC EXPERTS

The Oilgear team of field technicians is a skilled group of hydraulic experts with the experience and certifications necessary to provide world class service.  Some of the certifications held include:

Certified Fluid Power Hydraulic Specialist





Norwegian Sector Qualified



Whether needed offshore or in a remotely located factory, Oilgear field service technicians are available for the installation of Oilgear or third party products.  Product expertise includes hydraulic pumps, hydraulic valves, electrical control systems, and hydraulic control systems.


Oilgear Global Field OfficesCOMMISSIONING SERVICES

Oilgear has the personnel and equipment to ensure a successful field commissioning process.  Our team not only has expertise in pumps, valves, and hydraulic systems, but also in electrical control systems.  Oilgear technicians are capable of commissioning nearly every leading brand of electrical control system, including Allen-Bradley and Siemens.



Oilgear is renowned for its ability to diagnose and fix problems on complex hydro-electric systems, including forging and extrusion presses as well as water-jet cutting systems.  Our technicians come armed with the latest diagnostic tools and are supported by Oilgear’s world class engineering team.