WARNING:  Several unauthorized repair facilities claim to have Oilgear OEM parts and/or claim to test to Oilgear factory specifications.  These entities have no affiliation with Oilgear.  Please contact Oilgear for further information.

OEM parts. Oilgear quality.

Oilgear is committed to Aftermarket support.  Whether it’s an Oilgear D Pump repair or a Towler Prefill Valve refurbishment, we’re here to help.

To submit your Oilgear product for OEM certified repair, please utilize our Return Material Authorization Form.  Click here to download.

oilgear_d_pump_repair_section_1_imageOILGEAR QUALITY

The name “Oilgear” means “forever”. We do not make throw-away products. Oilgear pumps and valves have legendary longevity, and when they eventually do wear down, they are specifically designed to be refurbished or repaired.

Unlike most of our competitors, Oilgear offers full lifecycle support for all of our products, no matter if it’s a 5-year-old valve or a 50-year-old pump. Our bespoke repair process includes disassembly, inspection, quotation, refurbishment with our OEM parts, and complete testing.

Oilgear always recommends that Oilgear products only be repaired by Oilgear, or one of Oilgear’s Authorized Partners, using only genuine Oilgear components.

To submit your Oilgear product for OEM certified repair, please utilize our Return Material Authorization FormClick here to download.


towler_oilgear_prefill_valve_repair_section_2_imagePUMP SERVICE AND REPAIR 

For both the current and legacy product categories, Oilgear fully supports the repair and service of all of its pumps. This includes legacy D Pump repair and service, PFCS pump repair and service, as well as PVK and PVL repair and service.

As an example of our Aftermarket support, the Oilgear D Pump is legendary for its longevity, with nearly a century of in-field, proven performance. Oilgear, and Oilgear’s Authorized Partners, offer complete lifecycle management for the D Pump product line. If the repair of a D Pump is not feasible, Oilgear recommends that legacy D Pumps be replaced by the current PVV pump line.



oilgear_d_pump_repair_service_section_3_imageOilgear offers full support of all of its valve product lines. Some of the product lines still supported today include:

  • Olmsted Valve repair and service
  • Towler Prefill Valve repair and refurbishment
  • Olmsted Prefill Valve repair
  • Oilgear Prefill Valve repair
  • Hydrostack Valve replacement parts
  • Towler Valve replacement and repair
  • Oilgear Servo Valve repair and replacement
  • Olmsted Spool Valve service and repair
  • Oilgear DIN Valve repair
  • Oilgear Cartridge Valve refurbishment and replacement
  • Oilgear Spool Valve repair
  • Oilgear Foot Valve repair
  • Oilgear Directional Valve repair
  • Oilgear WG Valve repair
  • Oilgear LG Valve repair