X-Factor and onliness.

Serve the customer, strengthen the team, and grow the individual.


Core values are an important asset to any company. They support the vision, shape the working culture and reflect what the company values. Many companies focus on technical competencies, but often forget to define underlying competencies that make their companies run smoothly—their core values.

Establishing strong core values provides both internal and external advantages to the company. Internally, the outlined expectations align all processes around a central theme. Externally, they differentiate the company from competitors and aid in recruiting prospective employees seeking like-minded companies.

The X-Factor is an aspirational set of ideals that is unique to Oilgear. It shapes the working culture that drives the business. While it is a dynamic, evolving set of ideals, the Oilgear X-Factor will forever be anchored by three facets: customer, team, and self. These three things are what Oilgear values. So, who is Oilgear and what is the company doing when it’s at its best? It is serving the customers, strengthening the team, and growing its individuals.



Oilgear is an engineering firm that solves hydraulic problems for customers with demanding applications in every corner of the globe who want a partner, not a vendor, in an era of redefining what’s possible.

Read as a whole, it is a concise sentence about Oilgear’s position in the market. However, when unpacked, this statement is loaded with implications.

Oilgear Office Locations 2016 - 3An engineering firm

First and foremost, Oilgear is an engineering firm. This is an important distinction that sets the tone for the way the company carries itself. Sure, there are lots of engineering firms out there. And yes, the company’s primary discipline is hydraulics. But, there is something about leading with an engineering mindset. It conveys and motivates so much more than “hydraulic equipment manufacturer.” This company has survived off of its engineering prowess since 1921, and engineering is what will carry the company forward.

that solves hydraulic problems

This engineering firm has world-class hydraulics expertise.

for customers with demanding applications

High flow/pressure? Dynamic response valves? Specialized fluids? Yep.

in every corner of the globe

Oilgear has a global footprint able to reach any customers, fast.

who want a partner, not a vendor

This company is not a bunch of order takers. Again, it is engineers who are problem solvers. This entails a large amount of engagement with clients. Those not expecting to be challenged and have their expectations exceeded should look elsewhere.

in an era of redefining what’s possible

Humanity is constantly innovating. Whether it’s finding new forms of energy or seeking habitat on other planets, we are explorers. Oilgear powers these explorations. And this is not to be brushed over. This company is making equipment for some of the most innovative and influential creations ever imagined.